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Vegetable Soup

3 T butter
3 medium onions, chopped
3 cloves garlic
2 bay leaves
4 whole cloves
1/8 t cayenne
7 c vegetable broth
1 t salt
1 28-oz can whole plum tomatoes
3/4 c chopped parsley
2 medium carrots, diced
3 medium parsnips, diced
2 medium potatoes, diced
2 c corn, fresh or frozen
1 package frozen lima beans
ground pepper to taste

Melt butter in large pot
Add and sauté the onions and garlic for 5 min
Add cayenne, bay leaves, cloves and sauté another 1 minute
Add vegetable broth, salt, canned tomatoes with their juice and 1/2 c parsley.
Cut up the tomatoes in the broth using a wooden spatula and knife
Bring it all to a boil
Add carrots, parsnips and potatoes, simmer 20 minutes, or until potatoes are almost done
Add the frozen limas, simmer 10 minutes (follow package directions)
Add the frozen corn, ground pepper, remaining parsley.

When all is done, serve! Try to remove the cloves :).
This soup will improve in flavor the following day.

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